Apr 30

When I look back at everything I’ve done in this course throughout the semester I think about the first day of class. I remember sitting there being incredibly nervous because I didn’t like speaking in front of people and I only knew a few people in class, but I got up the confidence once I got to know others in class. One thing that this class has helped me with was preparing ahead of time, instead of doing my usual, procrastinating. Another thing that this course taught me was to be creative, not only with speech topics, but with design and powerpoint, which was something that I always lacked.  My philosophy on presenting is that no matter where you work or go, you will have to present something, it’s part of everyday jobs, thing is, you have to know how to present professionally and accordingly no matter what the tone of your presentation is and you want to always grab the audience’s attention with whatever you speak about.

The first presentation was the Pecha Kucha, I really liked that presentation, I was confident, because I really liked my topic and people were interested in my topic, which made me feel really good about the presentation as a whole. Time seemed to fly when I was up there, and before I knew it I was done, and it was nice because I left the audience wanting more, they asked me so many questions after, and therefore I gained some friends, which made everything better. The only thing that wasn’t the greatest was the quality of some of my images, they still needed work.  I think my standalone presentation was the most creative presentation I did and my topic was emotional, yet inspirational at the same time. I had quite a few problems with the music and voice throughout this project but with a little help from Ashley it came out good. The sales presentations I thought went really well, that was right in my line of work, being a marketing minor and all, and I was really lucky to get a really great group to work with so I was really confident going into this presentation.  Finally, my last lecture was the most difficult for me to come up with, probably because it was the most important. I think it was because there was a lot riding on it and the fact that it couldn’t be cliché’ and the point value was the largest of the presentations and I found myself encountering many different feelings about topics. Eventually I found a good topic and I feel like it worked out really well, I was proud of the end result. Going first, I didn’t know what to expect from people or myself even but it ended up working out for the best. My presentation was a little shaky at the beginning because I was so nervous but once I saw everyone’s interested looks on their faces, I became more confident and got in the zone.  I was happy to entertain everyone with my stories. This speech in particular showcased the comedic side to me as well as the inspirational side of me, and even though I rushed in the beginning, which I need to work on in the future for future presentations, I had a good speaking tone, and I feel that my design skills were improved a little, and I picked a topic everyone could relate to, so they were all interested and supportive.  I thought it was the most significant presentation I did.

This course allowed me to be a more confident person all together, and I think this class was a large factor of that. There is still a lot of room for improvement, which I am working on, such as my weaknesses in design and speaking, and the way I stand during my presentations, basically small things that may lack credibility. I have a good handle on my strengths such as speaking in a more confident manner, I’ve done a decent job picking topics and I’m proud of my accomplishments in this class and as a public speaker.  There were several obstacles that I encountered that I had to go through but, I think I dealt with them well and in the end came out a strong public speaker.  Looking at myself as a presenter today I am able to be confident in myself and get up and speak about anything to any group of people, and I give this course credit for helping me become this way. This was one of my favorite classes this semester!

Apr 21

One of the last few prompts…

The first last lecture that I watched was one that was done by a student last semester it sounds like. Her name was Jen Lilly. One weakness that I noticed in her lecture was I don’t know if they didn’t have to have one, but I didnt see a visual aide in her speech and I think if she had used one, her speech would have been a lot more affective. Another weakness in her lecture was that she messed with her hair an awful lot and that just made it a little distracting.

The next last lecture that I watched was given by Julie Schiappa, who is a friend of mine. Her lecture was interesting, and I liked how she had a powerpoint to accent who and what she was talking about. The only weaknesses that I feel came up in this lecture were that she stood behind the podium the entire time, I would have liked to have seen her stand out in front of the audience with a little more energy, becuase I think she would have been a lot more affective.  

Of the two lectures that I watched, I feel that they both had some good qualities about them, but also they had some poor ones as well. I think Julie’s was more affective because she had visuals to accent her speech and she had the audience’s attention the entire time. As for which one did I feel was more inspiring and engaging, I felt that that was Jen, her speech had some really good advise for all of us that I think everyone needs to follow. I thought that both of them were worth watching and worth the while. Overall, I thought they both had good points and they were both strong speakers.


For this week, watch TWO of the last lectures that are posted on our youtube account.  What weaknesses did you see?  Which one was more effective?  If you were in the audience seeing these talks for the first time, would you have found them engaging/inspiring/worth your time?  As you discuss them, please refer to them by the first name of the speaker.  No need to repost the actual videos, as long as I know who you’re talking about.   

Apr 11

This lecture that was given by Randy Pausch isn’t really that unique, but the way he speaks in this lecture is so genuine. First, his background story was touching, the fact that he was diagnosed to only live a certain amount of time and then to get out in front of this croud and speak about something he’s so passionate about made it unique. He allows the audience feel what he’s feeling, all his emotions and that makes it so powerful.

I think that what made this lecture so famous was the fact that it was so genuine. He was able to make the audience laugh and feel his message at the same time. He also added his real life stories and experience along with each childhood goal, which made it really interesting. In my opinion, lectures about childhood goals are always interesting to listen to because I like hearing about what others dreamed of achieveing when they grew up. I also love hearing people speak that have a story like Randy’s that really gets your attention, and I feel like so many other people feel the same way. I think that a lot of people feel like Randy is speaking about some goals that others had, he just found a way to get out there in front of a croud and speak his mind which was so great. Plus he is a good speaker and has a laid back but professional presense which is nice and relatable to the audience.


Here is a video of Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture.  As you watch it, I would like you to pay attention to the characteristics that make him likeable as a lecturer.  Also, more specifically, I found him to be very genuine— if you agree, you may also want to comment about his style— what is it about him that makes him seem so genuine?  Why do you think this lecture has become so famous?— the content itself isn’t all that unique. 

Remember as you watch, that the assignment for your presentation is inspired by this one, but is NOT necessarily modeled after it.  What I mean is, I don’t want you to actually pretend you’re dying, and I don’t want you to necessarily talk about all the great life lessons you’ve learned that you have to share before you kick the bucket.  Instead, I want you to be inspired by Pausch’s talk, and model his genuine approach.  The topic of your talk is completely up to you.  Instead of pretending you’re dying, I’d like you to think of it as “you have only one talk to give, so it better be the ‘you-est’ talk there is.” Be true to yourself as a speaker.

Apr 08

BSUCOMM375McFalls: What is interesting →

Sunitha Krishnan is a woman who has dedicated her life to saving woman and children from sex slavery, an industy that has generated millions of dollars in the global market. I found this speech on Ted.com. This speech was interesting to me and caught my attention easily in the first fifteen seconds of it because it was touching and really emotional. She mentioned a few children and how they each lived different lives but all shared one common thing, they had all ended up being trafficked and raped by multiples of men. She even said that herself was ganged up on by a bunch of men, and the feeling that she has for that is pure anger. This talk was extremely couragous and very motivating. Her purpose for this talk was that she wanted to call for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives. She wants to help them regain and reuild their confidence, restore their dignity, and rebuild hope.

I thought that this was interesting and inspiring because here is this woman, who was physically raped by several men, speaking in front of hundreds about how she is trying to help others get the help they need and also rescuing them and trying to make them have a much better life. This issue has always been a topic of interest for me to learn about because I love children and I think that this is a horendous thing that happens and it needs to be stopped!

Spend some time just browsing around youtube, slideshare, vimeo, ted, or something similar. If the artifact you clicked on doesn’t have your interest in the first fifteen seconds, move on to something else. When you’ve finally found something you’re sure is interesting, post it in a reply to this…

Mar 24

In this presentation Entreprenueurs Tony Charles and Shane Lake seemed enthusiastic about their website and presentation at first but they faced a number of difficulties when it came down to comparing it to other businesses in this field and businesses that were more advanced. Their online service, hungryhouse.com, seems intersting, however, the panel of millionaires felt skeptical about their ideas and felt that it lacked components when they broke up each of their points. As shown in this scene, there is stiff competition for the business already in the market, such as the competition from Denmark who was already ahead of them in many aspects. As for the financial aspects, they show a high risk for investors, and the entrepreneurs clearly show a lack of confidence when negotiating their ideas and terms to the panel.

In order for me to immediately accept the entrepreneur’s original offer, I would like to see more research done about their ideas and of course I would simply need to believe in the business a little more. Also there are many things already out there on the internet much like what they are trying to produce, so they would need to make their’s stand out more from everyone else. Most people already have an idea of what they want to eat before they set out to order it, so they need to have that in mind. The biggest part that made them “crumble” was when they talked about their competitors from Denmark and the facts that they were already ahead of their company. Also it crumbled when the panel started asking all of their questiones.

As the presenter I would have added something more unique and interesting to the site or the function of the site to make it stand out and make it work. I would not have said anything about how well our competitors are doing, I may not have even mentioned them at all actually, unless the panel brought it up. For someone to want to invest their money in something I’ve created, I better have an outstanding product and in order to make this product outstanding there is still many more logistics that need to be made.

I did however feel that what I did right was that I presented myself in a profeesional manner in both our ideas, our dress and our presentation skills.

bsucomm375mcfalls:After you watch this video (and part 2 as well, if you want to track it down), put yourself in the position of the panel— what elements of the presentation made this presentation “crumble” (as the commentator asserted)?  What would have to have been done differently for you to make these guys an offer?  What elements did work to effectively persuade?  Now put yourself in the position of the presenters— what would you have done differently if you had another chance?  What did you do right?

Feb 17
I think that this was a very interesting Pecha Kucha presentation, I dont have much to compare it to, but from what I know about Pecha Kucha, I think this had a lot of good elements and also some not so great elements as well. After watching this I think that the effectiveness for this format was good, but it could have been better. I think that for the most part, the speaker was able to get his main point across in most of the slides but I also think that he had a ton of information to talk about and not enough time that he kinda went over onto other slides. I also think that the slides were really effective, some of the pictures that he used were brilliant and beautiful. I believe that they got the message across and I think that he was able to prove his points with most of them. According to some of the noises that the audience made in the background, such as laughing i think that he was able to connect with the audience. A challenge that I think I will face is the fact that I talk really fast when I am up in front of an audience and when I'm really nervous. That is something I will definitely have to practice and adjust so that when the time comes for me to do my speech, I will feel a lot more confident in myself. There are many challenges and limitations to Pecha Kucha presentations, but I think choosing the correct topic and involving your audience is key and being able to connect yourself with your topic is also key.


Here’s the newest artifact for your criticism.

It’s a recording of a Pecha-Kucha from London PKN#1.  While it’s the just the audio of the speaker, it’s nice to be able to see the slides so clearly.

After you watch it, comment on the effectiveness of the Pecha-Kucha format for this type of talk— how did the limitations on slides/time help or hurt him and the audience?

Second, brainstorm some of the challenges of giving a talk in this format (thinking more about your OWN presentations to come).  Think beyond the surface answer (“timing is everything”), and try to anticipate specific challenges you might face.  Finally, how might you go about answering these challenges— or, how will you make Pecha Kucha work for you instead of against you?  Think strategically and specifically.

NOTE TO MY DAY CLASS: Since we have not started talking about Pecha Kucha yet, you may want to wait until after class Friday or Monday to respond to this prompt.

NOTE TO MY NIGHT CLASS: This guy is much better than the example I showed last night.  I promise.

Feb 10

I think that the central argument that is being made through this slideshow is trying to show how important design is in all kinds of aspects. Also how design is innovative and its a way of changing life and trying to influence the future and make it worth living. Design is the most important part of any presentation or any product. Its the most important determinant of whether a product stands out or not. The basic point to this slideshow is design and its different elements.

I agree with the argument, i think design is very important and deserves better recognition than this slideshow gives. Design serves as a visual representation of the speakers information.

I think that the design of this slideshow did in some ways support the central argument. Although I would have liked to see some additional creativity added to the slides that would help make the initial point that design is important. Some strengths that I did notice throughout this slideshow were that there is repetion and simplicity. I like how in most of the slides, the most important words are the ones that stand out and are in big letters, that helps point them out more. Also, there is a common theme throughout this slideshow, which is the black writing and whit background play a part. Some weaknesses that have about this slideshow are that it is too plain, its not exciting. Some of the pictures aren’t needed and some of the slides have words on the top that dont mean a thing. Overall, i think that this slideshow succeeded in getting its main argument across.


Flip through this set of slides, and then answer the following:

1) What do you think is the central argument made through this slideshow? (What’s the POINT?)

2) How do you respond to that argument (agree? disagree? a weaker stance?)

3) How well do you think the design of this slideshow worked to support this argument? (Include a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of slides)

Feb 05


This powerpoint presentation incorporates multiple design concepts that I believe are effective and innovative. This powerpoint greatly utilizes various design elements that help grasp the attention of the readers. The colors that are used in this are very eccentric but creative ways. It is a very insightful powerpoint, and even though not many words are used throughout the powerpoint, the audience can definitly tell what the point of this presentation is. That is very important in a powerpoint presentation, if a presenter can pull the audience in and make them look at the creativeness of the powerpoint and get the picture without trying to read all kinds of words then that is success. This powerpoint is great in how the usage of the elements are exquisite. They capture thereal essence of the cause and they highlight some of the famous people who lived and died of Spinal Cord injuries. This allows us as the audience and the readers to raise awareness of this cause and take part in knowing more about it and appreciating it more. The color usage is very simplistic throughout the entire powerpoint but it also highlights some of the mainpoints throughout. This powerpoint is very powerful and speaks to the audience through typography. This uses a great deal of typography and its very inspirational. I think that this a great example of good design because of the use of elements such as color and simplicity, naturalness and typograghy. I believe that this powerpoint will be a great example for me to be able to refer back to when I am planning for my future presentation. It catches the audiences attetion and that’s what I would like to accomplish and it’s memorable, and I want my presentations to be memorable as well.

Jan 23

ankohr@tumblr.com: After watching this, I think that Tufte would have a lot to say to the fact that he didnt like this form of powerpoint. He would say that some of the slides were useless to this presentation, such as the dog and the monkey. Reynolds would say that most of the slides flowed well with the central idea that the speaker was trying to make. The only problem he would have is that some slides had more information than they needed to have, but in order to make the audience understand his main point, the speaker did a good job. I think that this was more a presentation than a speech. To me, a speech is when you read from a transcript or paper of some sort and a presentation is when  you add life to it. He made a lot of jokes and comments that really had the audience going and he moved around alot and used hand and body gestures and different voices to really keep the audience entertained. He did a good job at keeping up with his slides though sometimes he flipped through them a little fast that i couldnt see what was on the slide because there was quite a bit of information on them. He had a lot of energy and i think you really need that making a presentation. And he didnt have any papers in his hand which meant that he was making his presentation from his memory which is pretty fascinating.


Critical Journal Prompt #2

Not just because he sounds like Mitch Hedberg meets Elvis meets that guy from Everybody Loves Raymond, this guy is really enjoyable to watch.  We would probably agree he’s doing some things right.

Here’s the question:

Since you now know them so well, how would you anticipate that both Tufte and Reynolds would criticize this presentation?  Feel free to comment on any aspect you like, but pay close attention to the powerpoint he uses, as well as the way he uses it.   

Also… is this a speech or a presentation?  Why?  How would you explain the difference?

Remember, we changed the requirements to 200-250 words per post.  Either reblog or start your own post.  Doesn’t matter to me. :)

Jan 15